Established in 1996, LEEL COILS EUROPE started as a manufacturer and sole supplier of coils to its parent company (Friga-Bohn). Over the years, the company has evolved into a well-established and reliable business with broad customer base in its portfolio. Nowadays, our custom-designed products are shipped to dozens of countries, especially in Europe, and can be found in applications all over the world.

Knowing the true value of experience, we have made it our task to learn from each step in our history. Ever since, we have been reaping the benefits of every single past event, which we consider a springboard for us to aim higher, expand further and improve our services.



The company, then known as FRIGA – COIL, is established by Friga Bohn (France) and Janka Radotín (Czech Republic). FRIGA - COIL operates as an internal supplier of coils to the parent company in Cremieu, France, and to Janka Radotín. 


Friga – Coil is acquired by Lennox International, resulting in the foundation of HEATCRAFT PRAGUE. 


The Outokumpu Copper Group of Finland acquires 55% of the company in August, with Heatcraft Prague becoming OUTOKUMPU HEATCRAFT CZECH. With the number of customers served from Prague steadily growing, the company no longer produces solely for the French plant in Cremieu, which is now also a part of the Outokumpu Group.

2002 August

The company is hit by major flooding, which affects the whole of Central Europe. When at its highest, the water level of the nearby Berounka River rises to 2.85 metres. Even this event has a positive impact on the company’s further development – the complete flooding of the manufacturing facility leads to reconstructing and renewing the building as well as all machinery. It took mere 15 weeks to resume operations. 

Following the floods, a comprehensive emergency plan was formulated for similar situations. It is not an overstatement to say today that the company can prevent a similar occurrence putting contracts for our customers under serious risk.

If you wish to see the floods in the Prague facility, click here for an image gallery: 


The process of divesting the company’s Cremieu-based French plant begins. Some manufacturing lines, as well as a growing number of sales, development, quality management and similar operations are moved to Prague. 


Nordic Capital, a Swedish investment group, takes over the Copper Division from the Outokumpu Group and adopts measures to acquire the remaining 45% ownership share from Lennox International. The Luvata Group is established, with Outokumpu Heatcraft Czech becoming LUVATA CZECH. 

Manufacturing operations in the Cremieu-based French plant are discontinued that year, resulting in the transfer of all decision-making powers and financial management controls to Prague. Within the Luvata Group, Luvata Czech becomes the European headquarters of the Heat Transfer Coils Division and also takes over the management of the Italian facility. 

August 2007

The Luvata Group announces its plan to acquire the Italian manufacturer Eco Spa. The acquisition is subject to approval by the European Union and in order to maintain competition within the market, the European Union’s approval for the transaction is conditioned on divesting the Prague company from the Luvata Group.

August 2007 – May 2008

A search is underway for a suitable buyer of the Prague facility, with Luvata Czech operating as a standalone unit during this period. 

May 13 2008

Luvata Czech s.r.o. is acquired by LEEL Electricals Ltd. (formerly known as Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd.). LLOYD COILS EUROPE is established. 

September 2017

Following the renaming of parent company Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd. to LEEL Electricals Ltd., the name of our company is changed to LEEL COILS EUROPE.

LEEL Electricals Ltd. (formerly known as Lloyd Electric & Engineering Ltd.) is a publicly traded company with its headquarters in New Delhi. It is the leading and largest producer of Coils / Heat Exchangers (Fin and Tube type) in India, serving the entire spectrum of HVAC & R industry in the country as well as OEM’s in North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia. LEEL Electricals Ltd. also manufactures Air conditioners for the Indian Railways, Metro Rail and Buses at its Bhiwadi factory.